The amount of plastic trash on Earth is accelerating. To raise awareness about the situation, I created an installation work that talks about plastic trash and its impact on humanity.
The goal of this project is to raise awareness on the amount of plastic trash that are thrown away.​​​​​​​
2018, 6 weeks
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01. Research
According to the statistics, most people are using excessive amount of plastic without truly considering the resource’s impact on the environment. If this trend continues, we would end up living in a planet full of plastic trash.

Research data

02. Inspirations​​​​​​​
03. Sketches + Initial Concept

Initial sketches

A human figure, symbolizing humanity and the Earth, made out of plastic wrap reveals that plastic is slowly consuming society. Once plastic trash “take over” the Earth, people would be hopeless and desperate, not knowing what to do. The objects laid around also emphasizes that people are altering the Earth into a planet full of plastic trash. The red stitches reveal some people are trying to keep the Earth green and alive; but is it effective?
I have specifically chose plastic wrap as my main medium to deli ver the message of the project. Plastic wrap’s flexible qualities have allowed me to reveal the seriousness of the issue and raise awareness of plastic pollution.
04. Process
05. Final Work

Final work of "The Sad Creature"

Detail shots

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