For this three part project, I studied different ways to communicate the essence of my animal, orange throated whiptail. The first part is about conveying the form of the animal and making the animal using recycled plastics; the second part is about creating an illustration that hints the reason the animal is endangered; and the third part is about creating a 20 second animation using cut paper and Adobe After Effects.
Part 1: The Form
Close up detail shots of the plastic animal
The first part of the project heavily focused on understanding the animal's form and translating the form using plastic trash. After multiple dumpster divings and iterations of the form, I created the lizard out of yogurt cups, lotion bottle, milk carton handles, tide bottle, and plastic utensils.

Final animal form

Part 2: The Illustration
Key processes that led to the final illustration
Part 2 of the project focuses around translating the language from a 3D object to a flat 2D image. The illustration had a strict seven-color limit. Although the students were allowed to experiment with all the colors adobe illustration allows, the final illustration must be composed of seven colors.
While working on this project, I was able to learn and experiment with color contrast, layout of the overall illustration, figure-ground relationship, and shape ambiguity.

Final Illustration

Part 3: The Animation
The final assignment of the project is to create a 20 second animated movie out of cut paper and Adobe After Effects. While working on this part, students were encouraged to look up motions of the animal to convey proper believability and experiment different ways to transition from one scene to the other.

Final animation of orange-throated whiptail

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