Occupation Study
Images below are selected works from collaborative visualizing's occupation study. I studied the life of a dolphin trainer. While doing so, I was able to learn how to draw human figures, hand motions, gestures, and objects/dolphins in relation to humans.
Mars Exhibition
My group mates (Laurel, Janet, Wenqing & Yufei) and I created a series of isometric rooms to create an experience for the viewer. Unlike perspective drawings, isometric drawings do not have a particular hierarchy. Therefore, this way of drawing is more suitable to present an experience.
This exhibition is hypothetically located within a museum. The visitor first encounters an information desk, where a worker dressed in space outfit greet the visitor and hands a map. The visitor then walks into the exhibition space. The first room that greets them is a display room of human history in space, especially the moon. The room after that is a space tunnel that leads the visitor into space. This tunnel connects to the inside of a spaceship, which is conjoined with the control room within the spaceship. The room after this is a Mars room. The wall of the Mars room is covered by mirrors to mimic the endless plane in Mars. The visitor can take photos here. It then connects with the space tunnel, except that this one has satellites to indicate that the visitor is coming back on Earth. The overall museum experience ends at the observation room, which mimics the observation space in NASA. Here, the visitor can view other rooms and buy photos taken at the Mars room.

Wall space with assembled rooms, exploded toned view, and one-point perspective

First and second room in isometric view, toned
First and second room in one-point perspective, colored

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