The first part of the assignment is to reproduce the form of a chosen shell using clay, foam, and conservation board. While working on the forms, I was able to assess and study the affordance of each material.
Clay is an additive material that allows one to build upon the current shape; foam is a subtractive material which one has to shave off to make the form; and paper permits one to assess the structure of the original shell instead of looking at the outer layers.
After creating the shells, I replicated the forms of a computer mouse. Unlike the seashell, the nature of the computer mouse requires exact symmetry and curves, as the product was mass produced at a factory. Based on the knowledge I have acquired about each materials' affordances, I chose to make my computer mouses with foam and paper.
The final part of the project is to create a hybrid form of a seashell and a computer mouse. The hybrid form is inspired by the essence of a seashell and a computer mouse. The words I chose to create the hybrid form were “Hole,” “Spiral,”“Structure,” and “Curve.”
I wanted to avoid making a small dent in a form, which I would argue that is a hole. Hence, I decided to pursue a method where I would curve a piece of clay into a cylindrical form to create a natural hole.This way of creating a “hole” would also allow me to incorporate words “structure” and “curve” into my form.
To make the overall form more interesting, I utilized negative space to create a comma-like shape. During the iterative process, I(accidentally) created a form where the cylinderdid not completely close. I did consider having my final form partially open, but this would disrupt the dominant-sub dominant-subordinate order I had planned for the form.Therefore, I decided to pursue the idea I had in mind for the final hybrid form. After making the overall form, I incorporated the spiral element by creating a relief on the inside of the clay.This was interesting, because I am very used to creating something on the outside to be more obvious, and most people don’t consider adding on the inside of a hole. But because I have pursued this method, I was able to clarify the order and dominant-subordinate features in my hybrid form.

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