Light can create an enchanting atmosphere when done correctly. I wanted create a dreamy atmosphere by combining the aspects of a lightbulb and translucent vellum paper. When the lamp is lit, the beauty and dominance of light constructs a completely different scene compared to when the the light is off.
The goal of this project is to create a light installation that alters the environment and creates a dreamy atmosphere.​​​​​​​
2018, 10 weeks
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00. Final Video

Ood video

This video of Odd was taken to fully capture the enchanted atmosphere the lamp creates when it is bright lit. The gentle light and its shadows create a dreamy environment that mesmerizes the viewer.
01. Mood Board
02. Sketches + Initial Concept

Initial sketches

I have decided to use various types of papers as the main medium of the installation. The sheer quality of paper under a light source, as observed by the interaction between sunlight and leaves, allows the light to seep through its layers. In addition to that, I chose to use wires as a replacement of tree branches for the attachment.
When the lamp is lit, the beauty and the dominance of light construct a completely separate scene. The drastic difference in the space reveals how light can affect the environment and provoke specific emotion.
03. Process
04. Final Work

Final work of "Ood"

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