As more people became aware of preventive health care, cold pressed juice became a social trend. Although it is more expensive compared to traditional condensed juice, cold pressed juice is popular because it has more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. I wanted to design an imaginary logo to study how one can attract customers through a simple, clean logo. With this simple logo, customers will be able to identify the brand without checking the words on the package.
The goal of this project is to create a logo for an imaginary pressed juice company, 100% juice.
2018, 4 weeks

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01. Research

Research data

Because humans remember visuals better than texts, images are essentially stronger than words. Hence, the logo of 100% Juice company will be focusing on shapes, instead of words.

Plastic bottle vs. Glass bottle

Although a glass bottle is more expensive, using a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle is ultimately a better option; it does not harm the environment nor release harmful chemicals for our bodies.
02. Mood Board
03. Logo Sketches and Early Ideas

Initial Sketches

Early ideas

04. Final Logo

Final Logo

The designed logo is inspired by juice pressers. The logo underlines that the juice is freshly squeezed and ready to serve. Because it does not have text incorporated into it, it is distinctive and notable compared to the logos by other companies.

Stationery mockup using the logo

05. Layout Sketches and Early Ideas

Initial sketches

Early ideas

06. Final Design

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