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Vote to Voice

September — October 2020, 5 weeks

 A non-partisan campaign that encourages citizens to participate in the 2020 Presidential election.

The 2020 Presidential election is coming up in less than a month as of October 2020. Participating in the election is a crucial part of a civic duty, as the outcome of the election will shape the government for the next four years. But the president is actually determined by the Electoral College. So is it necessary for people to participate in voting? The simple answer is yes!

* This project was in collaboration with, a non-partisan organization that promotes voting among college students. *

Skills ✨ 
PSA Motion Design
Design Branding
Social Media Design
Tools 🖇
Adobe After Effects/Photoshop, Procreate, Figma
Collaborators 💖, a sub-organization of Student PIRGs

Target Audience

The target audience for this project is young adults who are unmotivated to vote because of the Electoral College. The electoral college is a voting system where the president is elected by the electors instead of the popular vote. This system is designed for the state votes (each state is represented by the electors, which is the combined number of the senators and the house of representatives) to be all-or-nothing except for Nebraska and Maine. The candidate becomes a president when they win the majority of the election — 270 out of 538 electoral votes.

Many young voters are disappointed that their vote does not have a direct impact on the election. To motivate the disheartened voters, the campaign is centered on explaining how the electoral college actually works, what kind of laws and regulations are present or forthcoming to work around the system, and why young voters should still vote.

Project Concept

The concept of the campaign is “voices as shapes.” Each shape is different, similar to how people have different opinions. Some voices promote allyship by standing next to each other. Some voices are quiet and some are loud. (You may say some voices are too loud.) But on election day, they all have the same power to voice their opinions!
Because the content of the campaign revolved around the extremely-complicated Electoral College, I wanted the visuals to be lighthearted and cute. I wanted to create a safe and inviting space for the viewer to slowly engage with the information; I did not want to overwhelm the viewer by punching them with statistics or facts.

Campaign Video

The Video
The final 50-second video consists of three sections:

  • Explanation of the “voices” concept
  • Interjectory question whether someone should even vote when the Electoral College is present
  • Final explanation on why people should vote

I initially struggled with cutting down the script, as I wanted to say a lot more in the PSA. But at the end, I managed to cut down and ensure that the final product is a quick, exciting, and cute video that encourages people to vote. I had a lot of fun scripting, recording, and designing the video. :)

Social Media Assets

As a part of the campaign, I designed a Facebook page with informations to direct students to For the Facebook page, I designed the advertisement, profile picture, and the banner. (Other images drawn from the Instagram post. See below.) It was a fun experience drawing the elements from the video to create social media assets.

Instagram Posts
As a part of the social media assets, I also designed 9 posts for Instagram. Similar to the Facebook  graphics, I drew elements from the video and referenced the brand guideline to design a continuous look throughout the campaign. 

There are three main categories of posts: Informational, conversational, and visual. I created a variety of posts to visually engage the viewer and create a desire to click through each post and see what they are about.


A Tote
Most college students are extremely busy and are rushing to one place from another. I designed a cute little tote bag for students to never loose their belongings when jumping around places. It is an extra plus because it reminds people to vote on the third of November.

A Phone Case
College students and their phones are quite literally never detachable. I designed a phone case since students will always get a reminder to vote (or register to vote) when they have carry around their phones in this cute phone case.

A Sticker Set
I had witness many times where students would have stickers on their laptops or water bottles. To reflect this college culture, I designed a set of stickers that reflect the brand language. Some of the stickers have a big emphasis on delivering the message, while other stickers are more discrete and can be applied in non-voting context.

A Set of Postcards
I took advantage of the visual style and designed a coloring postcards for adults and kids. These postcards can be sent to their loved ones to encourage them to participate in the upcoming election!

Final Thoughts

It took about five weeks to design the campaign from the scratch. I am impressed with how much I can achieve in a short timeframe and how much more I could do only if I had more time. After deciding on the final concept, I had a lot of fun designing and combining the elements to make a one cohesive brand language. My favorite part was designing the Instagram graphics and deciding its presentation to create a visual harmony of the graphics. I would love to do more branding work in the future when I have the opportunity to do so!

This project was featured on CMU Design's website. 
Check it out here!

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