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When I am not in the studio working on projects, I like to draw or make objects. If you are interested in hearing more about the things I do for fun, let me know and I will be thrilled to tell you about the animals I am drawing. 🐾

Visual Notations
Fall 2020
I love drawing animals and hand-held objects. I believe that drawing is a useful tool to quickly and effectively communicate ideas. These are selected drawings from my fall ‘20 sketchbook. Ever since I got an iPad, I have been doing most of my drawings on, as my old drawing professor would call it, “the computer.” Likewise, the drawings were drawn on my iPad using Procreate. 

Toaster Design
May 2020
I designed and rendered a single-slice toaster using Solidworks and Keyshot! I was surprised that I can mimic a fairly realistic toaster using the software. Although there are probably technical issues for the toaster to be an actual product, this was an interesting exercise. 

Flow Form Spatula
January 2020
Although most of my current work is digital, I like to work with my hands as well. I created a flow form spatula one winter to practice using the bandsaw. This spatula is now sitting at my mom’s counter for the times she makes fluffly souffle pancakes. 

Travel Photography
2018 ~ 2019
I am an amature photographer who takes photos to keep my memory alive. I miss traveling and going to new places with my family and friends. :)

2017 ~ 2018
Back in high school, I was primarily interested in building and crafting with my hands. This experience has made me become more appreciative of well-crafted objects. Some of these projects were self-directed while some others were completed in classes.

Digital Still Life
In high school, I had a big obsession over my wacom tablet. These are some of the works that I have apinted back then; I like to explore the different methods to visually translate physical objects into a digital image.

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